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$24.95 USD
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Keyboard, Mouse, Macros and Batch Processing Software
Comfort Software Group
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Windows 2000 Windows XP Windows Server 2003 Windows Vista
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30-day trial.

Comfort Keys Pro Review

" Hotkeys manager that will help you automate frequently repeated action. "

Comfort Keys is a new generation shortcut (hotkey) manager that will help you automate frequently repeated actions.

With Comfort Keys, you can block keystrokes, replace one keystroke with another or assign a shortcut key for any of the following actions:
+ Run a program; open a document or a folder.
+ Open one or several Internet resources.
+ Paste some predefined text (phone, link, address, greeting, signature, password, etc.).
+ Open the built-in template manager allowing you to quickly paste text fragments and images.
+ Play a previously recorded keystroke macro.
+ Open the built-in clipboard manager.
+ Show the chronological list of recently run programs that you can use to run the selected program again.
+ Show the desktop with shortcut keys.
+ Show the window for switching between open documents and running applications.
+ Show/Hide the built-in on-screen keyboard.
+ Change the language for the recently typed characters.
+ Change the language for the selected characters.
+ Switch the language.
+ Change the case of the selected characters.
+ Turn down and up, enable and disable sound.
+ Minimize, maximize, restore or close the current window.
+ Hide the current window, display the last hidden window.

Shortcut keys configured in the program work in all Microsoft Windows applications. While specifying shortcut keys, you can use any keys including NumLock and CapsLock.

It is easy to use Comfort Keys in workgroups. To do it, just save the shortcut file to a network resource and configure it to be used on every workstation.

The built-in on-screen keyboard will allow you to select a comfortable keyboard combination and afterwards this very on-screen keyboard will show you what shortcut keys are available for you.

It is completely compatible with Microsoft Windows Vista, XP and 2000.


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