NTFS Streams Info 1.0


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$37.95 USD
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Miscellaneous Software
Intelligence Systems GEO
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Windows NT Windows 2000 Windows XP
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Not available

NTFS Streams Info Review

" Easy way to detect & manipulate (read/write/delete) a NTFS alternate data streams. "

NTFS Streams Info is a GUI based tool designed to easily detect the presence of Alternate Data Streams (ADS) in NTFS files and folders on local computers and across local network. With this tool you can also create, write, rename, delete and export ADS. NTFS files contain one primary stream and one or more alternate data streams. The problem is that NT comes with no utilities to list any stream other than primary stream in a file. This tool can help you to learn a secret of your computer. For all persons who don't like any secret features on his computer.


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