FTPSync 2.06


Software Specifications

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1.05 MB
License [?]:
$15.00 USD
Last Updated:
File Comparing, Listing, and Synchronizing Software
Operating System:
Windows 95 Windows 98 Windows NT Windows ME Windows XP
Additional Requirements:
Not available

FTPSync Review

" Provides the facility to synchronize files between a local machine and an FTP server. "

It is a file management utility particularly useful for updating Web sites and downloading software upgrades and patches.

Key Features:
  • Global settings now accessible from the connection list
  • "Ignore times of files older than..." now disabled when set to zero
  • Now handles "Unix" type servers that don't return both group and username columns in the file list
    Links are no longer displayed
  • Wait for server response timeout now user definable
  • Server properties option added
  • Execute server commands option added
  • Updated help file (Browse it on-line)
  • Improved performance
  • Firewall/Proxy server support
  • Session logging
  • Time shift option for syncing across timezones
  • Reverse transfer direction
  • Time remaining and transfer speed display
  • Folder exclusions added
  • Timestamps of "old" files can now be ignored
    Cloning of Connection properties added.
  • Passive mode now supported.
    Fix for incorrect year being stamped on local files.
  • Fixed the connect failure problem when prompted for a password.
  • Support for both ascii and binary transfers added.
  • Fixed bug which caused intermittent crashes when transferring files to some FTP servers.
  • User names and passwords encrypted in connections database
  • FTP port made user definable
  • Set local timestamps to remote option now available from transfer confirm dialog
  • New option to ignore seconds in timestamp comparison


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