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$6.95 USD
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File Splitting Software
Operating System:
Windows 95 Windows 98 Windows NT Windows 2000 Windows ME Windows XP
Additional Requirements:
Pentium II 233 MHZ, 32MB RAM
Not available

Split it Review

" File splitter and merger with more than 19 features. "

Split It is a popular and award winning file splitter of size 64 kb(zip size-21 kb so you can easily transport it) with the ability to split the files of all types(mp3, dat, mpg, avi, zip, etc) & in various sizes(can also specify decimal size).

- Can merge files splitted by any other splitter(so you can receive splitted files from your friend without the need of that splitter to merge them as Split it can merge them.
- Has a self-merger facility with which it can recreate splitted files without Split it being installed on that computer.
- Can create a batch file.
- You can also split the file while using that file (i.e while listening to an mp3 file you can split that file).
- It also has Disk Span & Join Facility with which Split it can join the files one by one by inserting floppy disk or cd which contain part of the splitted file.
- You can specify how much memory to lend to splitter. More the memory faster is the splitting.
- Supports drap n drop and can integrate into explorer context menu(right click).
- It also supports Disk spanning an incredible feature that no other splitter possess like winzip & many features try it yourself.
- It automatically opens the file after successful merging of file.
- And many more features...... Just try it out.

Version 3.0 has New improved and advanced GUI with a better look and feel.
- File attributes and original time of file are now preserved.
- Shows number of Pieces to be created in Input box.
- Demo Video available to show how to split a file plus Bonus Videos for registered Users.
- New Dynamic Splitting Option added to split each part of file to User defined size.
- Optional scanning of file with your antivirus scanner after succcessful merging of file.
- Split it can now split files of any size i.e 4GB file size limitation of previous version removed.


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