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$7.99 USD
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File Splitting Software
Bytewise Computer Solutions
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Windows XP Windows Vista Windows 7
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File Splitter And Joiner Universal Review

" Split then rejoin files of any type and any size for easier storage or transfer. "

Split large files of any type or any size into smaller parts for easier transfer, storage and file management, and then rejoin them later for use. You can split and rejoin files even larger than 80 GB using this powerful tool.

Large files can be very difficult to work with sometimes. It may happen that a very large file can not fit into any of your disks, and the only solution is to split the file and save the resulting splits on several disks.

It may also happen that you want attach a file to an email, or you just want to upload a file and your file uploader has a file size limit for any uploads. Such problems and many other cases can be solved by using this great utility.


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