1'st ZipCommander (FileSplitter)

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File Splitting Software
Brick Bt.
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Windows 95 Windows 98 Windows NT Windows 2000 Windows ME Windows XP
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1'st ZipCommander (FileSplitter) Review

" File splitter and combiner. "

1'st ZipCommander (FileSplitter) is a free file splitter and combiner.

The program can split any file into pieces of a given size, so that you can - for example - copy a large file to disk or you can send it in e-mail. The program can merge these pieces, this way you get the original file. If you send a file to your aquaintances, friends, which was split with 1'st ZipCommander (FileSplitter), don't forget to inform them where they can find the program. This way they can merge the files sent by you by using 1'st ZipCommander (FileSplitter).

This program can be installed or updated by LiveUpdate. If LiveUpdate is already installed on your computer, download the installer of 1'st ZipCommander (FileSplitter) using that.


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