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Heatsoft Corporation
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Windows XP Windows Server 2003 Windows Vista Windows 7 Windows Server 2008 Windows 8 Windows Server 2012 Windows 10
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Clone Cleaner Lite Review

" An easy-to-use program designed to find duplicate files on our system and delete them. "

Heatsoft Clone Cleaner is an easy-to-use program designed to find out and remove duplicate files with same name, same size, same content on your local computer or network computers.

You can easily free up a lot of disk space taken by the extra copies and reduced clutter on your disks. It keeps your files well organized.

Heatsoft Clone Cleaner allows you to search dupes in multiple paths or drives. Detailed search criterias accelerate a search by filtering files by name, size, date, attributes and allow you to exclude certain folders.

The program divides found duplicates into groups that help easily navigate results. Unique smart marking feature enable you to keep files in particular locations and guarantee that their duplicates will be removed from elsewhere. Easy to use intuitive interface does the work with Clone Cleaner enjoyable.

If you are looking for a simple, fast, powerful and flexible duplicate cleaner solution for your business or for your personal needs in a networking environment or on a single machine, you have just found it.

Heatsoft Clone Cleaner does not only take into account items like file name, size or timestamp, but reads possible duplicates byte to byte. This way, it is guaranteed that the files are really identical, and you can delete the extra copies with full confidence. It is a tool for safe and easy deletion of duplicate files.



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