RDB 2.0

Software Specifications

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6.18 MB
License [?]:
$29.00 USD
Last Updated:
File Managers Software
Stefan Zickler
Operating System:
Windows 95 Windows 98 Windows NT Windows 2000
Additional Requirements:
A little nag-screen and banner advertisements.

RDB Review

" Archive and keep track of all your files and data. "

RDB is a helpful program for archiving and keeping track of all your files and data, especially CDs and MP3 audio files.

It allows you to automatically add entire CD-ROMs, devices, or single files to your RDB database.

Its intelligent MP3 and ID3 detagging, enhanced search and edit mechanisms, CDDB adding, and an extendible plug-in interface are only some of RDB's features.

The latest version is the final release, and it fixes major bugs and implements a few new features. With this 2.0 release, RDB is now able to automatically create CD jewelcase inlays and CD labels.

The export engine was completely recoded and is about 800% faster now. It also includes a number of other minor changes to the graphical interface.

The perfect software for:
  • Archiving your MP3s / Files / CD-Roms
  • Locating your favourite music among your CDs/Files
  • Editing the ID3-Tags of MP3s
  • Converting your list of files into a CD-Cover or a Playlist


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