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FileGeek Review

" Rename MP3s based on their ID3 tags as well as view or mass-apply advanced file information. "

FileGeek is an essential tool for both Mac OS 9 and Mac OS X users looking to have better control over their files. Rename MP3 files based on their ID3 tags to have a nice clean file structure, change special file features not available in the Finder, and also bulk-apply file attributes to an entire folder and its contents.

For Mac OS 9 users, FileGeek will have the most value. "Sorry, the application that created that document could not be found." is a dreaded message many Mac OS 9 users face with when receiving files from the internet or PC users. With FileGeek, users can reassign files to open with a specific application based on its type and creator. FileGeek comes with over one hundred and fifty file presets, so you can apply these file attributes without having to do any research at all. It covers everything from Apple's iTunes to Microsoft's MS Word 2001.

Also modify other features hidden by the Finder, such as ability to use custom icons, bundle bit, the ability to make a file hidden, and more. The option to toggle invisibility is excellent in the event that you need to hide a file or folder in a hurry, or place it out of reach for safe keeping. This is a great Mac tool that no user running Mac OS 9 or lower should be without!

Lastly, the MP3 Renamer is the most invaluable solution. When downloading your legitimately free-use MP3s from the internet, many of them come with insanely bizarre file names. However, when they load into iTunes you see the song as it should. FileGeek allows you to rename your MP3s based on the ID3 tags (what iTunes sees). Choose from a variety of naming schemes to best match your tastes.


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