Desktop Drive Monitor 1.0


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$19.95 USD
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Disk Usage Utilities Software
Zepsoft Software
Operating System:
Windows 98 Windows NT Windows 2000 Windows ME Windows XP
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30-day trial

Desktop Drive Monitor Review

" Show the free space on your drive in many different ways. "

Desktop Drive Monitor gives you info about the state of your drives just the way you want. It can show the free space on your drive in many different ways:

- As bytes
- As time: For musicians/audio professionals this is a MUST. If you have a drive where you record audio, you can see how much recordable time is left on your drive or you can see how much time is available for your MP3's. Time calculated is based on stream size and can be set to anything you like.
- As files: You set the average file size and the Desktop Drive Monitor shows how many of those files fit in the drive. For example you can set it to show how many 700MB CD's fit in your drive or how many 600MB movies or what ever you like.
- As %: Shows the free or used space in %.

* Alarms
Alarms can be set to each drive. When free space on drive drops below alarm level threshold the drive image turns reddish and (if set) an Alarm E-Mail is sent.

* Remote functions
You can set the program to send an E-Mail when alarm goes off and you can also set the program to send an E-Mail report about the state of the drives in selectable times.

Any mappable drive (A: ... Z:) can be monitored with Desktop Drive Monitor. (Hard drives, CD-ROMs, network drives and removable drives)


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