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File Compression and Zipping Software
Brick Bt.
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Windows 95 Windows 98 Windows NT Windows 2000 Windows ME Windows XP
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Internet Explorer 5.0 or later
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1'st ZipCommander Review

" Packing center, file manager and internet browser with 10 windows - all in one. "

1'st ZipCommander is a packing program and concerning its functions and services it is more than a simple program managing archive files. In this program there are 3 programs which co-operate and complement one another. With this program you can manage your archive files (Packing Center), you can browse the internet (Internet Browser with 10 windows), and you can do the basic windows file managing (File Commander).

Packing Center

* Extracting Archive files (Ace - WinAce, Arc, ArcExe, Arj - WinArj, ArjExe, Bh - BlakHole, BhExe, Cab - Microsoft Cabinet, Enc - Encoded Files, Gzip, Ha, Jar - JavaSoft, Lha, LhaExe, Lzh, LzhExe, MsGz, Pak, PakExe, Rar - WinRar, RarExe, Tar - UNIX Tar, UUE, XXE, Z, Zip - WinZip, ZipExe, ZipMv, Zoo, ZooExe). Creating Archive files (Bh, Cab, Jar, Lha, Lzh, Tar, Zip, UUE, XXE, Enc).

* Creating self-extracting archive file (AceExe, ArjExe, BhExe, JarExe, LhaExe, RarExe, ZipExe).

* Adding multiple files or directories to the Archive file.

* Network operation also when extracting and packing.

* Searching for text in an Archive file.

* Extracting to original path.

* Saving packing task for future use.

File Commander

* File managing with files, directories, drives in 2 windows. Hot keys (Create new folder, Search, Delete, View settings, Desktop, My computer, My network places, Recycle bin, My documents, Control panel).

* Network operating - moving files, directories from a computer to another.

* Filter contents of folders (eg. *.txt).

Internet Browser

* A real internet browser with 10 windows and all functions that are possible.

* Chaos is over on the desktop, because every new page opens within this program.

* Quick and simple switching between different pages.

* You can set up 10+1 homepages and search pages.

* Create link groups.

* All windows are able to ftp up- and download files and manage files locally.

* You can save time - while one page is downloading, you can read the contents of another.

* Controlling the opening of new windows.


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