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Software Specifications

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4.33 MB
License [?]:
$9.95 USD
Last Updated:
Video Surveillance Software
Pavel Ananyev
Operating System:
Windows CE
Additional Requirements:
Windows Mobile 5.0 or high
Not available

BabyMonitor Review

" Allows you to use your smartphone like a baby monitor. "

BabyMonitor is a software for Windows Mobile which allows you to use your smartphone like a baby monitor. If this baby monitor detects noise, it makes a phone call to the number of your choice. This way, you'll be able to hear the noise made by your little child, when he or she wakes up.

BabyMonitor comes with noise suppression technology, that ignores environmental sounds and focuses on the noises made by the baby. This software also silences the phone's ringer, in order to avoid waking the baby up when you get a phone call. Once the child makes a sound, the handset will call a preset number and tell the parents that he's awake.

The main BabyMonitor benefits:

1. No need to have any special devices. This is actual for trips with your child
2. Radius of action is unlimited
3.Radio noise insensibility (power line, airports, electronic equipment)


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