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2.99 MB
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$37.00 USD
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Usage Monitoring and Logging Software
Cyberprint pro
Operating System:
Windows 98 Windows XP Windows Vista Windows 7
Additional Requirements:
7-day trial.

CyberPrint Pro Review

" Capture screen-shots, usernames and passwords; Monitor IM Chats, MSN, Facebook. "

Imagine being invisible standing directly in front of anybody's computer, watching everything they do on the PC. That is the concept that powered the development of this unique spy software. Cyberprintpro can automatically take 3600 snapshots of your screen every 60 minutes.

NOW YOU SEE everything in real-time, for example two-way chat sessions from Facebook, MSN, plus grab username's and password's.

- Monitor all user accounts
- View all encrypted usernames and passwords
- Spy on all emails, programs uses, online searches, Facebook-MySpace activities, Chats-IMs, screen activities, websites visited and email delivered
- Plus lots more...


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