Abtrusion Protector 1.1


Software Specifications

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4.24 MB
License [?]:
Not available
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Security and Access Control Software
Abtrusion Security AB
Operating System:
Windows NT Windows 2000 Windows XP
Additional Requirements:
Windows NT4 SP6 or later, Internet Explorer 4.01 or later, TCP/IP.
60-day trial

Abtrusion Protector Review

" Protect your computer from running software that has not been safely installed. "

Abtrusion Protector stops viruses and hacker tools on your computer. Only software that you have safely installed is allowed to start.

Contrary to normal anti-virus scanners, Abtrusion Protector does not require you to update virus definition databases to protect you against the latest viruses. Instead, Abtrusion Protector uses integrity-based methods.

Abtrusion Protector maintains a database of all the software that is installed. Whenever Windows tries to run a piece of software, Abtrusion Protector first checks that it is allowed to start. If it isn't, Windows is not allowed to load it. Whenever new software is installed on the computer, it can record and automatically allow all new files that are installed.

Abtrusion Protector verifies all kinds of executable files, including OCX controls, device drivers, 16-bit files and dynamic link libraries.


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