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$49.00 USD
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Password Tools Software
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Windows 95 Windows 98 Windows NT Windows 2000 Windows ME Windows XP Windows Server 2003 Windows Vista
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Not available

Excel 2007 Password Review

" Password recovery tool for Excel 2007 passwords to open. "

Password recovery tool for Excel 2007 passwords to open.

Passwords to open are extremely hard to break in Excel 2007. To recover the password, brute-force attack and dictionary search must be used. There is no easy solution and no success guarantee. Unless the password is very short or a constitutes a simple dictionary word, you have to spend a lot of computing resources to recover it.

Because we cannot guarantee success, we suggest the following scheme, which maximally protects user's interests. You can use Excel 2007 Password program for free to recover the password. If the password cannot be found, you pay nothing. If the password is found, the program informs you and prompts you to pay the Service Fee. Right after you perform the payment, you will receive the password. We would like to note, however, there is only one type of password that is complicated for the recovery; that is passwords for opening Excel 2007 documents. Other types of passwords (password to modify, workbook password, worksheet password) can be broken easily.


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