SecureClean 4.0

Software Specifications

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12.92 MB
License [?]:
$39.95 USD
Last Updated:
Encryption, Decryption and File Wiping Software
DataTex Engineering (A DTEC Company)
Operating System:
Windows 95 Unix DOS Windows 98 Linux Windows NT Windows 2000 Windows ME Windows XP
Additional Requirements:
Partial Disk will be cleaned

SecureClean Review

" Protect Your Personal Identity! What isn't there, can't be stolen. "

Facts - According to CBS News, every 79 seconds a thief hacks into a computer, steals a victim's identity, and then goes on a buying spree. Identity theft is rapidly becoming one of fastest growing serious crimes. Each day brings news of more viruses, Trojan horses, and worms that can obtain your confidential information and wreck havoc on you and your computer.

Problem - Windows often stores unneeded traces of your personal information, including passwords, credit card numbers, and previously deleted data and email, all without you even knowing it.

Solution - SecureClean isolates and removes this unneeded information, making it impossible for cyber criminals to steal your data. Don't just rely on your firewall to protect you, make SecureClean 4.0 your second line of defense.

Identity theft is rapidly becoming one of America's most serious crimes. SecureClean isolates and removes unneeded information from your computer, making it impossible for cyber criminals to steal your data.

Personal Security Scanner (Included FREE)
- Scan and find traces of personal information left by Windows
- Verify that your system was fully cleaned


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