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2.66 MB
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Not available
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Encryption, Decryption and File Wiping Software
Eterlogic Software
Operating System:
Windows 2000 Windows XP Windows Server 2003 Windows Vista
Additional Requirements:
256MB RAM, Intel Pentium 2
Not available

SecretDrive Review

" A small, efficient and reliable program to create up to 8 encrypted virtual disks. "

SecretDrive is a small, efficient and reliable program to create up to 8 encrypted virtual disks. Virtual disk is protected by one of five modern encryption algorithms:

* AES (Rijndael)
* GOST 28174-89
* Blowfish
* Twofish
* CAST 256

Virtual disk looks like usual hard disk, so you can format it, defragment, check, backup and do other operations. It can be located in a file or in the random access memory (RAM).

Key features:

* 32/64 bit architecture support
* Strong "on the fly" data encryption by one of five modern encryption algorithms
* Simultaneous work up to 16 virtual disks
* RAM disk support
* Optional creation up to 4 hidden disks in an existing one
* Backup and restore secret disk header
* Encryption/decryption of files
* Simple and intuitive user interface
* Containers are protected from accidental deletion
* Built-in wipe manager
* Built-in text encrypter
* Built-in passwords generator

32 bit version is absolutely FREE !


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