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1.99 MB
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$29.00 USD
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Encryption, Decryption and File Wiping Software
Rolando Santiago
Operating System:
Windows XP Windows Server 2003 Windows Vista
Additional Requirements:
Pentium III or higher
30-day trial.

Infinite One-Time Pad Review

" The perfect choice for encrypting your communications. "

Infinite One-Time Pad (IO-TP) is super secure text encryption and decryption software. It is the best solution for encrypting any text documents such as e-mails, instant messages, and letters. This is the perfect text cryptographic software for protecting your communications from hackers, information thieves, and cyber-criminals.

The output ciphertext is 100% unbreakable. It provides multiple protections to ensure security. It also has a built-in authentication system. This software is so easy to use and implement.

Main Features:
* Unbreakable Encryption - Text encrypted with Infinite One Time Pad is invulnerable to cryptanalytic attacks.
* Built-in Authentication System - You have the option to include origin data such as IP Address, Document Hash Code, Encryption Date, and more. The selected data will be encrypted automatically together with the text and will be used to verify the authenticity of the ciphertext.
* Hexadecimal and Base64 Encoding - The cipher text format can be either hexadecimal or base64. These formats are printable and can be delivered via e-mail.

There are 5 protections available - Compression, Secret Key File, Secret Code, Key Modification, Password.


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