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3.45 MB
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$29.99 USD
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Encryption, Decryption and File Wiping Software
Operating System:
Windows 2000 Windows XP Windows Server 2003
Additional Requirements:
10-day trial

SecuKEEPER Review

" Password protect your files and folders with all-in-one encryption. "

Are your files and folders safe? Do you keep your files and folders away from spyware? Are your sensitive data safe?

SecuKEEPER Strongly lock your files and folders away from prying eyes. Today you do not go spending hundreds of dollars on encryption software. SecuKEEPER is an All-in-one file encryption software, Your best choice - can secure everything, offers four types of encryption protection for files at various security levels, can rapidly Lock files to prevent access without actually encrypting them, or Hide the locked files so they're not even visible, can Encrypt files and folders, optionally making them self-decrypting so they can be opened on a system that doesn't have SecuKEEPER installed.

Private coffer feature creates encrypted virtual drives in which you can store especially sensitive files.

Furthermore, It uses two innovative ideas. Password Generator and Password Manager highly integrated into the all feature module. The Password Generator can generate the strong password automatically. All the password can store in Password Manager which allows you to access required password in a second without remembering.

SecuKEEPER v2 is the most useful tool for everyone, who has files and folders need to be protected. Powerful and Easy-to-use! Lock your files and folders away form the prying eyes!
- Data Security! Data Protection!
- Keep your files and folders safe!
- Keep your files and folders away from the Spyware!
- Keep your files and folders away from destroy, data losses!
- Keep your sensitive data away from illegal copy!
- Hide your data form prying eyes, Hide the encrypted data so they're not even visible!
- more....


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