HDD Temperature Pro 1.0.90


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2.35 MB
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$24.95 USD
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Diskette, CD-ROM, Driver and Hard Disk Software
Operating System:
Windows 2000 Windows XP Windows Server 2003
Additional Requirements:
30-day trial.

HDD Temperature Pro Review

" Control the temperature of hard disks and prevent failures in their work due to overheating. "

According to manufactures, the normal recommended working temperature of a hard disk is 35-40°С. Once it rises by just 10°С - from 40°С to 50°С, the safety of its work becomes more than two times less! That is why in the first place hard disk temperature monitoring is a way to prevent the loss of data. To solve this problem, the PalickSoft company created this solution named HDD Temperature (Hard Disk Drive Temperature). This software is used to control the temperature of hard disks and prevent failures in their work due to overheating.

Hard Drive Temperature service continuously monitors your hard drive and asks its current temperature every 10 seconds (you can change this time period). It immediately reports to HDD Temperature user interface module any changes in hard drive status.

Hard Drive Temperature user interface shows current hard drive temperature in the system tray area. If overheat status detected, message box displayed on the screen, saying about overheat problem. In case of emergency situations (critical overheat) system immediately hibernates, without loosing any user data, including unsaved!


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