HandyAzan 1.05

Software Specifications

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1.71 MB
License [?]:
$5.95 USD
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Clocks, Alarms and Reminders Software
Handy Masters .Inc
Operating System:
Windows CE
Additional Requirements:
Pocket PC Device with a strong ARm or XScale(Pocket PC 2000, Pocket PC 2002)
Not available

HandyAzan Review

" Your prayers time reminder designed & intended for Pocket PC users. "

HandyAzan is your prayers time reminder designed & intended for Pocket PC users. HandyMasters is glad to introduce to all its Muslim users around the globe the prayer times reminder HandyAzan. No matter where you live or where you're traveling today you don't have to worry about missing your prayer times. HandyAzan will be your good reminding companion that you can depend on. Just tell the program where you are now and it will tell you when your prayer times are. Don't take the trouble of calculating time-zone differences and leave it all to HandyAzan. HandyAzan supports depression angles to ensure you are reminded at the right time about Fajr prayer. You can also choose to disable the prayer call if you wish. Day light saving time is also one of the program features in case you live somewhere or visit a place where time changes according to this system. The list of available cities includes the most of famous world cities.

Some of the program features include: Support for Fajr depression angle, Ability to enable/disable prayer call sounds, Support for day light saving time, Automatic adjustment to computer clock, A list of the world's most famous cities, Support for any Pocket PC device with a StrongARM or Xscale (pocketPc200 PocketPc2002). HandyAzan is a pocket pc application that helps muslims compute prayer times for anywhere in the world. It offers reminders and alarms at each prayer, Automatic Athan (Azan) five times a day for every prayer time. It covers more than 5 million cities, towns, and villages all over the world. You can even add your own city if it's not available. HandyAzan notifies you the five daily prayer times correctly for almost anywhere in the world. The purpose of this software is to help Muslims mind their prayers. It announces the Islamic prayer times for the present day, anywhere on the planet Earth. It helps you watch for your prayer times during your busy day so you wouldn't miss any of them. You can rely on HandyAzan.


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