Alarm Clock Pro 7.6.4


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3.45 MB
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$19.95 USD
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Clocks, Alarms and Reminders Software
Koingo Software
Operating System:
Windows 2000 Windows XP Windows Server 2003
Additional Requirements:
15-day trial

Alarm Clock Pro Review

" An iTunes and web enabled computer alarm clock which enhances the quality and serenity of your daily life. "

An alarm clock which oversteps the boundaries of what you thought an alarm clock was supposed to be! Alarm Clock Pro features a huge variety of features from a stop watch, timer, time zone and time difference calculator to task list manager, scheduler, and power manager. Also, set alarms to recur daily, weekly, monthly, or yearly.

Alarms can ring and perform a large number of events. Play an iTunes playlist, shutdown, restart, logout, put the computer to sleep, play an internet radio station, display an alert, speak an alert, compose an e-mail, send an e-mail, launch files and applications, perform shell commands, launch URLs, and much more!

The vast array of features in Alarm Clock Pro are unparalleled with any product in the market, on both the Mac and PC. Amongst its broad feature-set, we also even allow users to create their own custom digital and analog clocks which display the time on their desktops. Send us your best, and we might just publish it on our site!

Let Alarm Clock Pro send birthday e-mails automatically, wake you up in the morning, time your baking, remind you when to take your lunch break, run system maintenance scripts, take screenshots for security purposes and then e-mail them to you every hour, or even use it to randomize the song being played in iTunes every once in a while. Truly your number one computer iTunes alarm clock!

Begin to automate your entire life with Alarm Clock Pro. The trial is free, and good for 15-days. Plus, when you do register, the license code works for both the Mac and PC versions and comes with free lifetime updates!


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