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Windows 98 Windows 2000 Windows ME Windows XP Windows Server 2003
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Clipdiary Review

" A utility for keeping the clipboard history. "

ClipDiary is a freeware utility for keeping the clipboard history.

When you use your computer you constantly place something into the clipboard. But it can't store your data for a long time - you turn off the computer or just copy some other text, and the data is lost. In most cases, this is not a problem, but have you never needed the text you copied 30 minutes or an hour ago? Maybe your computer is hanging and the program hasn't saved the data? Or maybe you copied some interesting information from a web page, but then someone distracted you and you forgot to paste it where you had wanted? Or you may simply want to recall what you were doing at the computer a month or even a year ago. There are a lot of cases when you may need to return to your clipboard content and we can offer a solution to this problem.

Install our free ClipDiary utility and you will never lose the data you once copied. The utility will run on Windows startup and will record everything you place to the clipboard into the database. At any moment you can view the clipboard history, copy the necessary item back into the cache memory or even paste it into an application. All you have to do is press the "Ctrl+D" keys combination or click the program icon in the system tray.

ClipDiary can log clipboard history and record data of several formats: plain text, RTF (Rich Text Format) and bitmap images (BMP). So, besides saving parts of text, you can easily make series of screenshots in your favorite games, and ClipDiary will save them for you.

What can ClipDiary do for me?
- It will save my time.
- I will be able to get a quick access to the data I copied only a minute ago and use it again.
- I will be able to find the data I copied yesterday or a week ago. Nothing will be lost.

Install ClipDiary and you will get a reliable and simple aid for your routine work.


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