DRevitalize 1.00


Software Specifications

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75 KB
License [?]:
$19.95 USD
Last Updated:
Backup and Recovery Software
Piotr Ulaszewski
Operating System:
DOS Windows 95 Windows 98 Windows ME
Additional Requirements:
PC 386, Pentium II with MS-DOS
Allows to scan and repair only the first 1000000 sectors (490MB) starting at absolute sector 0.

DRevitalize Review

" Physical bad sectors recovery tool for floppy and hard drives. "

DRevitalize is a program that repairs bad sectors (physical defects) on popular magnetic media (hard drives and also floppy drives to some extent) by generating a special sequence of high and low signals around the physically damaged area. The surface of almost any drive can be repaired with this utility (even hard drives that were dropped down or exposed to strong electromagnetic fields).

However, this DRevitalize (Demo) and the DRevitalize (Light) versions are not designed to work with modern drives having an intelligent defect management system enabled (usually any hard drive produced after 2000). Floppy disk support is purely experimental and will probably be improved in the future (2 out of 10 floppy disks can be repaired). DRevitalize (Demo) version can only scan and repair the first 1000000 sectors. Please read the full documentation for more informations.


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