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Version: Pro
16.50 MB
License [?]:
$89.95 USD
Last Updated:
Backup and Recovery Software
CCS Company Ltd.
Operating System:
Windows 2000 Windows XP Windows Vista
Additional Requirements:
Pentium 200, 128MB RAM, 20MB HDD
15-day trial.

Disk Write Copy Review

" Protect data from changes, full hard drive recovery. "

Disk Write Copy Professional will allow you to use your computer without limitations
and launch any programs, even those of unknown origin. You don't have to worry about
the data on your hard drive. At the next startup, everything will be restored thanks
to Disk Write Copy Professional. 64-bit operating systems are supported.

The distinctive feature of the Professional edition is that four drive protection
modes are supported:

NORMAL PROTECTION MODE - Data is recovered at each computer restart. This mode is
also supported by the Disk Write Copy Personal edition for home use.

NORMAL-FAST PROTECTION MODE - This mode features faster initialization at computer
restart, which allows faster recovery after faults.

INCREMENTAL PROTECTION MODE - When this mode is active, the user can choose when to
recover the data, i.e. an arbitrary number of restarts is possible and data between
the restarts will be accumulated and stored using the Disk Write Copy technology.

INCREMENTAL-FAST MODE - This mode features faster initialization at computer
restart, which allows faster recovery after faults.

The distinctive feature is that the shadow image is stored in the free sectors of
the file system so it doesn't require any additional disk space. You don't have to
spend time creating the image of your disk - it is made instantly! Try Disk Write
Copy, we're sure it will save you time and money.


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