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Software by retiSoft, inc.
Download C/C++ SLOC Counter C/C++ SLOC Counter
Counts C/C++ source program physical and logical lines of code.
 File Size:2.60 MB
Download Change Request Tracker Change Request Tracker
Tracks Change Requests (CRs) for small to medium software development projects.
 File Size:5.91 MB
Download File Display Utility File Display Utility
Display and print files in ASCII text and binary (hexadecimal) formats.
 File Size:2.41 MB
Download Serial Port Monitor Serial Port Monitor
Captures and displays text/binary serial port data from COM1 to COM12.
 File Size:3.49 MB
Download Source Lister Source Lister
Formats source program listings, with pagination controls for C/C++ and ASM files.
 File Size:2.23 MB
Download SW Cost Estimation Program SW Cost Estimation Program
Generates software project cost and schedule estimates.
 File Size:5.49 MB