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Software by XemiComputers Ltd.
Download Active Desktop Calendar Active Desktop Calendar
Customizable PIM on your desktop wallpaper.
 File Size:2.19 MB
Download Active Desktop Wallpaper Active Desktop Wallpaper
Make and use your desktop wallpapers in a new way.
 File Size:1.33 MB
Download Active Folder Active Folder
Access your important folders and files much faster, with single click.
 File Size:660 KB
Download Active ScreenSaver Builder Active ScreenSaver Builder
Make screen savers like a pro, fast and easy.
 File Size:1.23 MB
Download ADC Sound Recorder ADC Sound Recorder
Free general purpose sound recorder.
 File Size:1.31 MB
Download Audio Notes Recorder Audio Notes Recorder
Record voice notes with this posh recorder.
 File Size:3.05 MB
Download CarHomePage CarHomePage
Get a free web page for your car in five minutes with zero knowledge of HTML.
 File Size:1.67 MB
Download Claudio Claudio
Complete luxury audio recorder with OGG/MP3.
 File Size:3.34 MB
Download DeskLook DeskLook
Put Outlook data straight on your desktop and interact with them.
 File Size:1.31 MB
Download Download Druid Download Druid
Add mass download option to your Internet Explorer.
 File Size:618 KB
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