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Download Adobe GoLive Interface Improver Adobe GoLive Interface Improver
Allows you to turn secondary windows to 'emerging' state.
 File Size:620 KB
Download Adobe InDesign Interface Improver Adobe InDesign Interface Improver
Hide secondary screens in Adobe InDesign when you are not using them.
 File Size:815 KB
Download Advanced Time Control Advanced Time Control
Specify when and how long your PC can be used to protect your child's health.
 File Size:1.41 MB
Download Anti Red Eye Anti Red Eye
A powerful and handy Photoshop plug-in, which removes the "redeye" effect.
 File Size:2.18 MB
Download Batch AutoCorrector Batch AutoCorrector
Correct poor contrast or brightness and remove color cast by a single mouse click.
 File Size:1.60 MB
Download Cartoonist Cartoonist
Add a touch of humor to your photos. Create caricatures easily.
 File Size:2.04 MB
Download Color Correction Wizard Color Correction Wizard
A batch imaging tool providing a quick solution to your color correction needs
 File Size:2.84 MB
Download Image Searcher PRO Image Searcher PRO
Handy and powerful tool, made to help you to locate desired image files.
 File Size:1.72 MB
Download Jpeg Enhancer Jpeg Enhancer
Improve the quality of your digital images
 File Size:2.11 MB
Download Jpeg Fixer Jpeg Fixer
Remove artifacts & blotchy look making images looking as saved with 100% quality.
 File Size:1.86 MB
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