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Tenebril Inc.
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Software by Tenebril Inc.
Download AdArmor AdArmor
Eliminates pop-up, in-page and paid search engine ads and much more.
 File Size:1.80 MB
Download GhostSurf GhostSurf
Makes you invisible on the Internet and erases your tracks.
 File Size:3.48 MB
Download GhostSurf Platinum GhostSurf Platinum
Makes you invisible on the Internet, stops spyware and more.
 File Size:8.15 MB
Download Lifeguard Lifeguard
A complete data backup solution, blending power and ease of use.
 File Size:4.06 MB
Download MemoryBoost Pro MemoryBoost Pro
MemoryBoost frees unused memory, making your computer faster and more reliable.
 File Size:1.80 MB
Download SpyCatcher SpyCatcher
Detects and disables spyware, and protects you from further infection.
 File Size:5.33 MB
Download StickyNote StickyNote
Create beautiful virtual sticky notes on your desktop for important reminders.
 File Size:4.36 MB
Download Tenebril Uninstaller Tenebril Uninstaller
Uninstaller program to thoroughly remove unwanted software, without leaving behind garbage on your computer.
 File Size:2.47 MB

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