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Software by Technology Lighthouse
Download ColorCache ColorCache
Color designer's Swiss army penknife. A color picker and color generator.
 File Size:2.45 MB
Download EventMeister EventMeister
A powerful solution to centrally monitor and analyze Windows Event Logs
 File Size:3.10 MB
Download ICFMeister ICFMeister
Monitors the activities of Windows XP's Internet Connection Firewall.
 File Size:1.65 MB
Download LogMeister LogMeister
Centrally monitor and analyze any log your systems and applications can generate
 File Size:3.31 MB
Download PromptPal PromptPal
Eliminate the frustrations of the Command Prompt with a modern command line tool.
 File Size:1.88 MB
Download PTFB Pro PTFB Pro
A macro recorder with auto-response capability.
 File Size:2.86 MB
Download Push the Freakin Button (PTFB) Pro Push the Freakin Button (PTFB) Pro
Mouse auto-clicker and form filler - eliminate annoying dialogs and popups.
 File Size:2.22 MB
Download TextMeister TextMeister
A generic text log viewer with powerful monitoring and event notification
 File Size:2.94 MB

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