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Download 3D Backgammon Unlimited 3D Backgammon Unlimited
A very elegant 3D version of the oldest luck and strategy game of the world.
 File Size:2.88 MB
Download 3D Ball Slider 3D Ball Slider
3D Ball Slider develops concentration and spatial coordination skills.
 File Size:2.25 MB
Download 3D BrickBlaster Unlimited 3D BrickBlaster Unlimited
The ultimate Brick Breaker game with 462 levels and very sophisticated weaponry.
 File Size:4.52 MB
Download 3D Buggy Tug 3D Buggy Tug
A game of strategy, inventive and explosive. 300 levels from easy to difficult.
 File Size:2.51 MB
Download 3D Checkers Unlimited 3D Checkers Unlimited
Learn and play Checkers at all levels. Alone or on Line.
 File Size:2.69 MB
Download 3D Chess Unlimited 3D Chess Unlimited
Learn and play Chess at all levels. Alone or on Line.
 File Size:3.35 MB
Download 3D Chinese Checkers Unlimited 3D Chinese Checkers Unlimited
A fine Chinese checkers to play against the computer or on a network.
 File Size:2.43 MB
Download 3D Petanque Unlimited 3D Petanque Unlimited
3D Petanque Unlimited. Now on PC. Play it the way they do in Provence.
 File Size:4.33 MB
Download 3D Pinball Unlimited 3D Pinball Unlimited
An addictive computerized Pinball that looks and reacts like a real bar machine.
 File Size:3.05 MB
Download 3D Reversi Unlimited 3D Reversi Unlimited
Impose your invasion strategy with this well designed Reversi 3D game.
 File Size:2.70 MB
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