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Software by Stas Semenov Soft
Download Files Comparer Files Comparer
A full featured visual files compare and merge tool.
 File Size:2.62 MB
Download Macros IDE Macros IDE
A tool to provide internal and external scripts (macros).
 File Size:4.22 MB
Download Pro Grapher Pro Grapher
A vector graphics platform for creating business solutions.
 File Size:4.98 MB
Download Raster To Vector Raster To Vector
Powerful and free solution for digitizing vector data from image sources.
 File Size:1.40 MB
Download Script Debugger IDE Script Debugger IDE
A development platform and full-featured debugger.
 File Size:6.72 MB
Download SDRK SDRK
Enhances and expands your applications with scripting.
 File Size:2.41 MB
Download Vector Graphics ActiveX Vector Graphics ActiveX
ActiveX component for creating business and technical drawings.
 File Size:3.89 MB

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