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Download Catalogue Catalogue
Extract file metadata and properties, create HTML, XML, IPTC and XMP export.
 File Size:2.89 MB
Download CrossIPTC CrossIPTC
Manage IPTC accents into digital pictures (jpg, tiff files) and make it readable in both Windows and Macintosh platforms.
 File Size:2.31 MB
Download Delenda Delenda
Delete old files by date: creation, modification, last access, transfer, archive.
 File Size:2.18 MB
Download EasyConsole EasyConsole
Navigate in drives via Windows issuing MSDOS commands, save DOS lines on buttons.
 File Size:1.50 MB
Download Idem Idem
Backup or synchronize folders, auto replication to local and network drives.
 File Size:2.15 MB
Download Kalimages Kalimages
Image indexation database, edit, search IPTC headers from digital files or photos.
 File Size:4.14 MB
Download MacNames MacNames
Macintosh file names conversion, rename invalid characters for Windows PC-MAC.
 File Size:2.14 MB
Download MetaDataMiner Catalogue PRO MetaDataMiner Catalogue PRO
Quickly list file properties, metadata extraction - pdf, xmp, iptc export to xml.
 File Size:2.63 MB
Download Rarissimo Rarissimo
File compression WinRar add-in packing preserving NTFS streams and Macintosh file structures.
 File Size:2.58 MB
Download SumInfos (Summary Information) SumInfos (Summary Information)
Utility to extract and collect file properties into a text file via batch cmd.
 File Size:1.50 MB
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