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Software by Serge M Botans
Download Budget Manager Budget Manager
Regain control of your finances by building a smart pro-active budget.
 File Size:376 KB
Download Canary Standard Canary Standard
Computer monitoring software for concerned parents by tracking what their child does on the internet or when using the computer.
 File Size:848 KB
Download E-Diary Gold E-Diary Gold
Daily diary or journal software to record the events or thoughts of your life.
 File Size:556 KB
Download ExitWin ExitWin
Benefit from having your computers reliably switched off at a set time each day.
 File Size:505 KB
Download International Time International Time
Keep track of local date and time of contacts in a different time zone to yours.
 File Size:2.24 MB
Download Login Backup Login Backup
A personal membership manager to keep track of all your usernames and passwords for websites.
 File Size:663 KB
Download Password Generator Password Generator
Create easy-to-remember passwords based on 2 words or a favourite phrase.
 File Size:751 KB
Download Registration Backup Registration Backup
Keep an easy, safe and up-to-date backup of all your software product keys.
 File Size:657 KB

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