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Software by SecureAction Research, LLC
Download Advanced Encryption Package 2006 Advanced Encryption Package 2006
Military grade encryption, shredding and ability to work archives.
 File Size:2.50 MB
Download Advanced Encryption Package 2008 Professional Advanced Encryption Package 2008 Professional
Military grade files encryption, AES, RSA support. 18 wiping algorithms.
 File Size:4.47 MB
Download Advanced Encryption Plug-In Pro for Windows Explorer Advanced Encryption Plug-In Pro for Windows Explorer
Encrypt, decrypt, shred, make sfx .exe, or work with .ZIP from Windows context menu.
 File Size:879 KB
Download CryptoCrat 2005 CryptoCrat 2005
Encrypt files by strong encryption. Secure delete files.
 File Size:847 KB
Download CryptoExpert 2006 Lite CryptoExpert 2006 Lite
Free on the fly hard drives encryption software.
 File Size:1.59 MB
Download CryptoExpert 2008 Professional CryptoExpert 2008 Professional
Real-time on-the-fly hard disk encryption system.
 File Size:7.43 MB
Download CryptoExpert Express CryptoExpert Express
Easy to use on-the-fly encryption software.
 File Size:851 KB
Download Master Shredder Master Shredder
Secure Files Deletion using 18 strong wiping algorithms (DoD 5200 and others).
 File Size:2.69 MB
Download Master Voyager Master Voyager
Protecting DVD/CD/USB sticks by password for travel, backups, postal mail.
 File Size:7.14 MB
Download Privacy Master Privacy Master
Erase your browser history, windows temporary files, list of recent documents
 File Size:1.31 MB
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