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Secure PC Solutions,Inc
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Software by Secure PC Solutions,Inc
Download 1 Click Add n Remove 1 Click Add n Remove
A perfect companion for installing uninstalling software.
 File Size:3.65 MB
Download 1 Click Boost 1 Click Boost
Maximize the performance of your PC (56k dialup/LAN/DSL).
 File Size:2.76 MB
Download 1 Click Encrypt 1 Click Encrypt
A powerful encryption utility that brings military strength encryption.
 File Size:1.44 MB
Download 1 Click Sweep 1 Click Sweep
erase hidden files on your system, freespace and improve the system performance.
 File Size:5.63 MB
Download 1Click Spam Shield 1Click Spam Shield
A comprehensive, solution to email management.
 File Size:5.34 MB
Download 1Click Spyclean 1Click Spyclean
Defends your PC from all threats like spyware and adware.
 File Size:3.86 MB