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Software by Phelios Inc.
Download BongoBoogie BongoBoogie
A new computer brick wall game the whole family will love.
 File Size:10.77 MB
Download Cutter Cutter
A wonderful tool for 2D Sprites and tiles optimisation.
 File Size:502 KB
Download Doulber Gold Doulber Gold
Dig deep into the earth to find a bug, diamond treasure - oh and some monsters.
 File Size:10.28 MB
Download DripDrop DripDrop
Call the plumber, quick because theres a leak somewhere. Hear it? DRIP DROP.
 File Size:4.59 MB
Download Easy Mov Capture Easy Mov Capture
Capture the desktop or just an application to a quicktime mov file.
 File Size:66 KB
Download Game Config Check Game Config Check
Check your PC configuration for games.
 File Size:341 KB
Download Helix Helix
Fly, whirl and spiral through 100 levels of fun and uplifting lunacy.
 File Size:13.18 MB
Download jmouse jmouse
Use gamepad or joystick to control mouse action.
 File Size:104 KB
Download Kaijin Kaijin
Mutant bugs are invading Planet Terria. Stop them from dominating the land.
 File Size:14.70 MB
Download LuaLua LuaLua
Your little kids will feel like the VIPs they are, when playing Lua Lua games.
 File Size:5.91 MB
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