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Software by Outertech
Download Batchrun Batchrun
Launch any number of programs or dialup connections with just a simple click.
 File Size:660 KB
Download Cacheman Cacheman
Speed up your computer by optimizing several caches, managing RAM and fine tuning a number of system settings.
 File Size:2.51 MB
Download CachemanXP CachemanXP
A Windows tuneup utility designed to improve the speed and stability of your computer.
 File Size:1.43 MB
Download GetDiz GetDiz
A fully featured text editor which can replace Notepad while maintaining an incredible speed.
 File Size:1.32 MB
Download Linkman Lite Linkman Lite
Bookmark management solution that integrates with Firefox and Internet Explorer.
 File Size:7.80 MB
Download Linkman Pro Linkman Pro
Complete bookmark management solution to organize and check your Internet links.
 File Size:7.18 MB
Download StartEd Lite StartEd Lite
Helps you to control your Windows startup process.
 File Size:2.65 MB
Download StartEd Pro StartEd Pro
Helps you to control your Windows startup process and detects Trojan Horse.
 File Size:2.04 MB