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Download Super Mario Flash Super Mario Flash
A classical adventure game. Complete levels as fast as possible to achieve maximum points.
 File Size:2.27 MB
Download Super Mario Kart Xtreme Super Mario Kart Xtreme
A extreme version of the Super Mario Kart. Gorier than the original Super Mario.
 File Size:682 KB
Download Super Mario Time Attack Super Mario Time Attack
Princess Peach has been kidnapped. Help Mario run against time and bring her back safely.
 File Size:682 KB
Download Super Mario World Super Mario World
Mario and Luigi set out on a massive adventure to rescue their long-time friend, Princess Peach.
 File Size:3.87 MB
Download Taz Football Frenzy Taz Football Frenzy
Score a touch down without being stopped by the players on your way.
 File Size:1.20 MB
Download The Egg Run The Egg Run
Help the Easter Bunny collect up all the Easter eggs in time for Easter.
 File Size:958 KB
Download Trail Of The Snail Trail Of The Snail
Follow the trail of snail, match identical twins to find Gary.
 File Size:1.83 MB
Download Tummy Trouble Tummy Trouble
Neutralize mutant food and advance through the complex. Watch your Gastro meter!
 File Size:1004 KB
Download Twister Island Twister Island
Taz is lost in a tropical island. Help him avoid native hunters, find food and escape from the island.
 File Size:1.06 MB
Download Ultimate Sonic Ultimate Sonic
An amazing remake of the Sega genesis Sonic the Hedgehog.
 File Size:1.43 MB
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