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Software by NorthStar Solutions
Download FLicKeR FLicKeR
File line keeper and remover.
 File Size:432 KB
Download Macro Mania Macro Mania
Create time-saving macros to automate your computer chores - fast and easy!
 File Size:1.27 MB
Download Manage Your Contacts Manage Your Contacts
A tried and true program that will help you easily store and manage contact info.
 File Size:1.67 MB
Download Mortgage Prelude Mortgage Prelude
More than just a mortgage calculator, see how much of a mortgage you can get.
 File Size:595 KB
Download Poker Challenge Poker Challenge
An exciting, fun and easy-to-learn game that blends the rules of poker with solitaire.
 File Size:783 KB
Download Poker Mania Poker Mania
This computer game simulates all the fun and action of video poker.
 File Size:583 KB
Download Shareware Authors Resource Guide Shareware Authors Resource Guide
Very useful to any shareware author or someone thinking about becoming one.
 File Size:383 KB
Download Snappy Invoice System Snappy Invoice System
Prepare, print, fax, and e-mail invoices fast and easy.
 File Size:558 KB
Download Solitaire Piknic Solitaire Piknic
A unique and very addicting version of solitaire.
 File Size:782 KB
Download Web Cache Illuminator Web Cache Illuminator
Investigate what files are in the web browser cache.
 File Size:409 KB
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