Niantic, Inc.

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Niantic, Inc.
About Niantic, Inc.:
Initially established in 2010 as Niantic Labs, an internal start-up within Google.

In October 2015, Niantic Labs spun out from Google to become an independent company, Niantic, Inc., but still backed by Google and two other investors namely Pokemon Company and Nintendo.

Niantic, Inc. is a reality game development company in the United States with its head office located in San Francisco, California.

Popular products developed by Niantic, Inc. include Ingress, Field Trip and Pokemon Go reality mobile games.

Software by Niantic, Inc.
Download Ingress Ingress
A location-based, augmented reality multiplayer online exergame of competition with science fiction back story.
 File Size:43.00 MB
Download Pokemon GO Pokemon GO
Step outside and explore the world to catch Pokemon all around you in the real world!
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