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Software by Microsys Com Ltd.
Download 456 Puzzle 456 Puzzle
This puzzle game is an advanced version of the classic Fifteens.
 File Size:580 KB
Download 5 On Lines 5 On Lines
A modern and advanced Gomoku adaptation, Internet and network game.
 File Size:787 KB
Download AccSmart AccSmart
A utility for portable computer's battery monitoring.
 File Size:1.03 MB
Download Backgammon Classic Backgammon Classic
Play backgammon against your computer, 3 levels available.
 File Size:1.75 MB
Download Hexadrom Hexadrom
Play Hexadrom and have fun making diamond lines.
 File Size:1.17 MB
Download Poker Lines Poker Lines
A variation of the classic poker and patience played with 25 cards.
 File Size:1.23 MB
Download Poker Max Poker Max
A video poker machine simulator, playing standard poker and doubling games.
 File Size:3.65 MB
Download Spade Poker MAX Spade Poker MAX
An advanced simulation of a video poker machine, with many new features.
 File Size:2.21 MB
Download Walltris Walltris
A new and advanced tetris-like game, with many features.
 File Size:1.69 MB

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