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Leigh Business Enterprises Ltd.
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Software by Leigh Business Enterprises Ltd.
Download LBE Desktop Helpdesk LBE Desktop Helpdesk
Easy to use helpdesk system - sensibly priced to suit all business sizes.
 File Size:4.11 MB
Download LBE Resource Booker LBE Resource Booker
Room and equipment booking web based software. Ideal for businesses, schools etc.
 File Size:2.84 MB
Download LBE Spam Tool LBE Spam Tool
Deletes spam without you ever having to see it, based on key word/phrases.
 File Size:1.72 MB
Download LBE Toolbox for MS Outlook LBE Toolbox for MS Outlook
A collection of utilities for use with Microsoft Outlook.
 File Size:2.43 MB
Download LBE Web Helpdesk LBE Web Helpdesk
A helpdesk system operated entirely from your web browser.
 File Size:3.01 MB