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Software by Kevin Solway
Download Booksearch Booksearch
Search the Internet for new or used books.
 File Size:420 KB
Download Clean Disk Security Clean Disk Security
Secure file deletion and comprehensive clean-up for tightest security.
 File Size:650 KB
Download Control3 File Manager Control3 File Manager
The fastest file manager for 32 bit Windows, with unzip.
 File Size:860 KB
Download Delete Doctor Delete Doctor
Delete files that are difficult to delete, files that resist deletion.
 File Size:150 KB
Download Multi Reminders Multi Reminders
Reminds you of birthdays, bills, shows, appointments, etc.
 File Size:450 KB
Download Screen-It Screen-It
Simplify Windows with Virtual Desktops, and by hiding unused running apps.
 File Size:95 KB
Download Solway's Task Scheduler Solway's Task Scheduler
Run programs or open files or tasks to a schedule.
 File Size:260 KB

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