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Software by Karen Kenworthy
Download 'Net Monitor 'Net Monitor
See if your web site, e-mail server, or any other computer on the 'net, is up or down.
 File Size:1.43 MB
Download Autorun.inf Editor Autorun.inf Editor
Easily create the special file that causes programs to run automatically when a CD is inserted.
 File Size:882 KB
Download Clipboard Viewer Clipboard Viewer
View the contents of Windows' Clipboard.
 File Size:793 KB
Download Computer Profiler Computer Profiler
View your computer's hidden secrets.
 File Size:937 KB
Download Cookie Viewer Cookie Viewer
View and delete web Cookies left by the web sites you've visited.
 File Size:844 KB
Download Countdown Timer II Countdown Timer II
Never forget another appointment.
 File Size:1.21 MB
Download Directory Printer Directory Printer
Print the names, and other information, of all folders and files on your computer.
 File Size:1.71 MB
Download Disk Slack Checker Disk Slack Checker
See how much of your disk space is being wasted.
 File Size:1004 KB
Download Drive Info Drive Info
View information about the disk drives attached to your computer.
 File Size:993 KB
Download E-Mailer II E-Mailer II
Send E-Mail from Windows' command line, desktop, from Countdown Timer II, or 'Net Monitor.
 File Size:1004 KB
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