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Download Binary Adder Binary Adder
Add, subtract, multiply, and divide binary numbers easily.
 File Size:503 KB
Download Fahrenheit Converter Fahrenheit Converter
A great way to convert temperatures.
 File Size:483 KB
Download File Cutter File Cutter
File to large? Cut it up - Move it - then glue it back together somewhere else!
 File Size:423 KB
Download File Encrypt File Encrypt
Encrypt your files and protect your privacy.
 File Size:506 KB
Download Hail Stone Number Hail Stone Number
Solve the riddle that has puzzled math students across the world more than 20 years ago.
 File Size:509 KB
Download Image Converter Image Converter
Convert from one image format to another.
 File Size:504 KB
Download Math Flash Cards Math Flash Cards
Learn math the easy way. Practice with Math Flash Cards. Great for all ages.
 File Size:436 KB
Download Word List Maker Word List Maker
Compile word lists from the internet with Word List Maker.
 File Size:1.80 MB
Download Word Sorter Word Sorter
Creates exhaustive words lists from text, alphabetically, or by word frequency.
 File Size:486 KB

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