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Software by Ixis Research Ltd.
Download 1st Security Agent 1st Security Agent
Security utility to restrict access to key features of Windows.
 File Size:1.13 MB
Download ABC Security Protector ABC Security Protector
Protect your PC and stop lowlevel access to it.
 File Size:563 KB
Download AbcPuzzles AbcPuzzles
Play tile-based logic games and create your own puzzles.
 File Size:865 KB
Download AlterJig AlterJig
Play tile-based jigsaw puzzles and create your own games.
 File Size:858 KB
Download Clipboard Assistant Clipboard Assistant
Make your text operations easier using this utility.
 File Size:739 KB
Download Cyclanoid Cyclanoid
Play tile-based logic puzzles and create your own games.
 File Size:660 KB
Download Extract Emails Extract Emails
Find and extract email addresses.
 File Size:640 KB
Download IE Internet Security IE Internet Security
Customize and secure the Internet Explorer.
 File Size:1.13 MB
Download PC LockUp PC LockUp
Secure your PC while you're away, restrict access by time schedule and duration.
 File Size:850 KB
Download Security Administrator Security Administrator
Protect your privacy and control access to your PC.
 File Size:1.13 MB

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