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Software by Ixis Ltd
Download 1 Click & Go 1 Click & Go
Qick access to files and folders.
 File Size:303 KB
Download 1 Click & Lock 1 Click & Lock
Secure your desktop when you step away from your PC.
 File Size:1.08 MB
Download 1st Email Searcher 1st Email Searcher
Find emal adresses in internet or files and folders.
 File Size:615 KB
Download 1st Evidence Remover 1st Evidence Remover
Clean your Windows of any evidence and temporary files.
 File Size:1.15 MB
Download 1st Mass Mailer 1st Mass Mailer
A very fast mass mailer with a lot of useful features.
 File Size:1.38 MB
Download 1st Network Admin 1st Network Admin
Comprehensive protection for network workstations under a public environment.
 File Size:2.67 MB
Download 1st Screen Lock 1st Screen Lock
Lock your desktop with a password and spy on your PC users.
 File Size:1.13 MB
Download 1st SMTP Server 1st SMTP Server
A simple and easy-to-use SMTP mail relay server.
 File Size:650 KB
Download 1st Subscription Manager 1st Subscription Manager
Parse your POP3 messages containing subscriptions and unsubscriptions.
 File Size:650 KB
Download Access Administrator Access Administrator
Protect your files and stop others from being able to start, see, change, delete
 File Size:679 KB
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