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Software by EldoS Corporation
Download BizCrypto BizCrypto
Add support for SSH, SFTP, FTPS, PGP, PDF, XML security to BizTalk orchestration.
 File Size:7.76 MB
Download Callback File System Callback File System
Create your own file system within your application and expose this file system to Windows as a virtual disk.
 File Size:8.17 MB
Download CallbackDisk CallbackDisk
Lets you create and manage virtual disks from your application.
 File Size:8.73 MB
Download CallbackFilter CallbackFilter
Keep track of file operations in real-time from your Windows application.
 File Size:4.96 MB
Download Crypto4 Files Crypto4 Files
Provide information security and integrity using PKI and digital certificates.
 File Size:1.55 MB
Download Crypto4 PKI Crypto4 PKI
Create and manage X.509 certificates, certificate requests and revocation lists.
 File Size:2.99 MB
Download EldoS AnyCalc EldoS AnyCalc
Easy-to-use and powerful calculator for accountants, software developers, scientists, and students.
 File Size:782 KB
Download EldoS AutoSaveXL EldoS AutoSaveXL
Save backups of Excel files while you work.
 File Size:633 KB
Download EldoS HTTPS Client EldoS HTTPS Client
Add HTTPS support to VB or VC++ applications.
 File Size:895 KB
Download EldoS KeyLord EldoS KeyLord
Keep your confidential information in secure place.
 File Size:1.96 MB
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