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Download Cool PSettings Cool PSettings
Give your application MRU lists, windows that stores/loads application state, and more.
 File Size:1.23 MB
Download CoolControls CoolControls
Award winning package of highly advanced components and classes.
 File Size:563.93 MB
Download CoolDBUtilities CoolDBUtilities
VCL updates database structure.
 File Size:1.04 MB
Download CoolHints2k CoolHints2k
Offers Office 2000/XP like dialogs and hint system.
 File Size:627 KB
Download CoolMenus PRO CoolMenus PRO
Custom menus system with features of 2k and XP menus.
 File Size:199.11 MB
Download CoolMernus Standard CoolMernus Standard
Delphi menu system.
 File Size:1.66 MB
Download HierarchyTree HierarchyTree
Use this package to visually build the hierarchies.
 File Size:533 KB
Download OrangeReport OrangeReport
Component allows you to create plain-text reports.
 File Size:552 KB
Download TipsSystem TipsSystem
Let your application looks more professional with the Tips System.
 File Size:680 KB

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